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Benefits of docent cleansers

Our approach is to provide a complementary cleanser with your prescription medication that will best help support your skincare goals and personalize your unique regimen.  

We offer two types of cleaners - medicated and gentle wash, to further tailor your skin care products to address your specific concerns. 

Medicated cleansers are an excellent way to amplify the effects of your docent medication. This added tool in your skincare arsenal to delivers valuable treatment to your skin that can take your skincare results to the next level. 

These types of washes are to be used in the morning complement your prescribed evening treatments, as the separation in time allows more therapy to be delivered for better impact without irritation.  

For those prone to sensitivity or on certain medications, we provide a gentle formulation to use while skin adjusts to their medication, or throughout their treatment plan if indicated. Once skin adjusts to the docent custom prescription, a medicated wash is provided.