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Dark circles under the eyes


Dark shadows beneath and around the eye may appear reddish, bluish or brown. This is caused by:

  • Iron oxides and by-products from red blood cells accumulate underneath the eye.
  • Thinning skin, and loss of fat and collagen commonly seen with aging make the skin appear more translucent and iron oxide and vessels underneath more obvious.
  • Dehydration also causes thinning skin, which makes the area beneath the eye appear bluer/darker.
  • Sun exposure prompts production of more pigment underneath the eye.
  • Allergies - Nasal congestion can dilate and darken the veins that drain from your eyes to your nose.
  • Stress, smoking, chronic alcohol use and lack of sleep can cause skin paleness making blood beneath more apparent.

    Product solutions

    Products that will hydrate the skin and break down the iron oxides will help eliminate the appearance of dark circles. Ingredients that help improve skin density and increase collagen production, such as tretinoin and shea butter, will help minimize their appearance. Niacinamide, kojic acid, hydroquinone and azelaic acid can help lighten darkening around the eyes due to hyperpigmentation.

    Lifestyle Modifications

    • Reduce stress and get adequate sleep.

    • Drink plenty of water to increase hydration.

    • Become more active to increase circulation.

    • Avoid sun exposure or wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses when outdoors.