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For stubborn acne, rosacea and other skin infections, doxycycline is typically the first oral antibiotic treatment prescribed due to its proven efficacy. It helps reduce bacteria and inflammation, two of the main culprits of mild to severe inflammatory acne. It can be given to treat acne on the face, back or body, making it an excellent complement to topical prescriptions like retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, and topical clindamycin. Some patients see rapid improvement, within 2 weeks, while more resistant cases may require 3 months to see results. An added bonus of doxycycline is that there is no “purging” or worsening before skin responds. 

For optimal tolerance and protection, we recommend the following when taking doxycycline: 

  • Take this medication with food  
  • Remember to use sunscreen daily   
  • Avoid the following which reduce the medications effectiveness 
    • Dairy 
    • Calcium and iron supplements 
    • Bismuth subsalicylate 
    • Aluminum and magnesium 

      Do not take if pregnant or trying to conceive.