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Shelfie analysis

The docent "Shelfie" is just another word for a picture of your current beauty regimen. It is a play on the word "selfie" and shelf.  Such products may include moisturizers, sunscreens, serums, make-up removers, washes, eye creams and toners.

docent has licensed estheticians that, in collaboration with our dermatologists, review your shelfie. This topical reconciliation is an important part of your regimen creation, and one that is often skipped in the doctor's office. This information allows us to create a cohesive, complimentary regimen. It also helps us share our expertise on optimal products, regimens and habits that keep your skin clear and beautiful!

When onboarding, simply take a "Shelfie" of the fronts and backs of your bottles (ideally with an ingredient list), and we will assess your regimen to help determine which products we recommend to address your concerns.

Topical Reconsiliation: What Is It and Why It Matters