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Subscription billing cycle, cancellations, returns and refunds

The trial

If you accept the regimen - or do nothing after the three day review period - the medication will be prescribed, compounded, and shipped to your address. The shipment date marks the beginning of your 30 day Trial Period. You may cancel at any time during your Trial for no additional fee.

The subscription

At the end of 30 days, you will begin the standard subscription, in which your monthly fee is billed for two months and shipped with a two month supply of medication. This charge date corresponds with medication being compounded and shipped to you. 


Legally, once a prescription has left the pharmacy it may not be returned for resale. We will not accept any prescription medications for return, exchange or refund under any circumstances. Cancellation or pause of any subscription or auto-refill is to occur, at minimum, 48 hours prior to your next shipment date to avoid any unwanted charges or shipments. You may cancel or pause your subscription online at the "My Account" page, or email us at support@docentrx.com.